nib health funds limited - 2018 IT Delivery Operations Engineer - Internship

Newcastle, NSW

Job Description 

The Delivery Operations Engineer Intern will be involved in hands on implementation of build engineering, continuous delivery, public cloud infrastructure, network and security across areas and assets within the cross-functional product delivery teams and learning operational best practices.

Key Responsibilties and Key Expected Outcomes

Delivery Engineering

- Assist in enabling delivery teams across the organisation looking to adopt CI/CD and DevOps practices and processes to deliver rapid business value.

- Learn to maintain and utilize tooling and infrastructure automation tools to manage private and public cloud infrastructure. 

- Actively participates in maintaining performance, stability and lifecycle of the build and deploy tooling and environment across delivery teams.

- Systems are developed with a focus on resiliency.

- Build skills applicable to the software delivery lifecycle; particularly expertise in public cloud, platform as a service, web servers and databases.

Operational Responsibilities

- Support the IT Operations team while working with a variety of cloud and on premise, networking and infrastructure.

- Gain an understanding of application and digital architecture, particularly resiliency, performance and availability.

- Participate in technology and development initiatives early from design to implementation into production.

- Develop and exercise the ability to analyze problems and identify root causes in conjunction with developers.

- Assist to scale and maintain high traffic, business critical database, APIs and web servers.

- Works with teams to ensure applications are designed to be failure and fault tolerant from development through to production with regular testing performed.

- Plays a part in ensuring infrastructure build and maintenance is tightly coupled to the software delivery lifecycle; ensuring resiliency, security, performance and scalability is ingrained early.

- Assists in ensuring thorough monitoring and metrics are gathered across the application delivery teams, ensuring performance, availability and business value is measured and reported on.

- Helps deliver incident management best practices; participate in incident reviews, SLA tracking, a blameless culture and application team ownership of on-call responsibilities.

WHS Responsibility

- Comply with the nib WHS Management System.

- Take reasonable care for own health and safety as well as the safety of others at the place of work.

- Achieve personal safety as well as ensure the safety of other workers and visitors to nib’s workplace.


- Meet obligations required for the compliance category of this position.

- Compliance training and/or reporting obligations completed.



nib endeavours to employ people who exemplify nib’s Values of:

  • People We’ll always respect that people matter most
  • Choice We’ll provide you with choices, recognising as life circumstances change so do your needs and priorities. We’ll actively assist you in making smart choices.
  • Excellence We’ll go the extra mile in anticipating and meeting your needs and solving your problem always with a smile
  • Value Being with us is worth the effort and investment. We’ll be competitive and accountable
  • Innovation  We’ll challenge the norm and experiment on our quest to be the best
  • Simplicity Dealing with us will be easy, open and hassle free


Level Of Complexity: General Level

  • Emphasis on recognising immediate implications of own work and actions
  • Interactions are primarily with internal/external customers and colleagues
  • Impact primarily on one’s self
  • Responsibility is directed on own work practices




  • Use honest, open, consistent and approachable verbal communication, treating others fairly, with respect and empathy
  • Actively listen, give and receive information and constructive feedback, and openly acknowledge people’s contributions and achievements
  • Cultivate and maintain productive working relationships, collaborating within and across teams
  • Treat sensitive information appropriately
  • Build rapport through verbal interaction and body language that is appropriate to the context and audience
  • Produce written documents clearly, concisely, grammatically correct and containing information necessary to achieve their purpose
  • Construct logical and fact based arguments, decisions and recommendations based on understanding, research and analysis
  • Use diplomacy and tact to negotiate in difficult situations

Continuous Improvement & Change

  • Review own work practices and adapt to improve performance, efficiency and quality
  • Make suggestions and recommendations to enhance business processes so that the customer experience is enriched
  • Use creativity appropriately to improve processes and encourage others to do the same
  • Inform appropriate people about recurring problems, waste or inefficiency
  • Embrace change in a positive way and maintain open communication channels
  • Develop an understanding of internal and external developments that affect the business
  • Collaborate with others to share best practice and question existing assumptions and beliefs

Planning, Prioritising & Decision Making

  • Approaches work in an organised and systematic manner, effectively managing tasks, information and requests
  • Gain information from applicable sources and ask the right questions to assess and interpret
  • Share information in a timely way with appropriate people
  • Constantly update knowledge regarding job relevant issues
  • Develop, implement and report on plans appropriate to your work area
  • Identify potential barriers or obstacles that may affect progress and take steps to address and resolve problems before they occur
  • Allocate time and attention based on what is most important to achieve key goals and objectives with the right balance of short and long-term wins
  • Effectively organises and balances tasks and priorities to keep multiple tasks on track
  • Demonstrate willingness to make decisions within role based on relevant information, with a clear rationale and considering potential consequences
  • Consult with others on problems and activities for effective decision-making

Displays Expertise

  • Effectively applies specialised knowledge and skills to perform work tasks
  • Keeps own technical and job-related skills current, constantly learning new things related to area of expertise by participating in conferences, associations, training programs and other activities to maintain a high level of technical expertise
  • Shares technical and subject matter expertise with others and helps develop others’ knowledge and understanding of technical or subject matter issues
  • Understands and masters the technical skills, knowledge and tasks associated with role


What you have (attributes, experience, qualifications and other requirements)

Key technical and personal competences:

  • Interest in some of the following aspects of the IT discipline:
    • Developing software systems
    • Developing software tools
    • Networking and System administration
  • Strong interest in new technologies and trends
  • Exposure to some of the commercially used development technologies, eg:
    • C# .NET
    • C, C++
    • JavaScript, HTML and CSS
    • Ruby
    • Puppet, Chef
    • Python
    • Objective C, Swift
  • Good analytical and problem solving skills.
  • Good verbal and written communication skills.
  • Eager to learn and willing to be coached
  • Willing to take ownership but also to ask for help when needed.
  • In their last year of study at an Australian University

In addition, experience with any of the following would assist the person in this position:

  • Understanding of/interest in Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery through automation, process re-engineering and release management.
  • Exposure to/understanding of/interest in virtualised infrastructure and public cloud e.g. AWS
  • Exposure to or interest in learning about Microsoft and Linux based platforms hosting web servers, application frameworks and databases.
  • Understanding of/interest in building and maintaining metrics and monitoring infrastructure.
  • Exposure to/understanding of/interest in building and maintaining build and development CI/CD tools and version/source control tools.
  • Understanding of/interest in security hardening and secure development practices.
  • Understanding of/interest in cloud orchestration tools such as Cloud Formations.
  • Exposure to/understanding of/interest in working methodologies such as Kanban, Scrum and Lean.


Also the applicant must be currently enrolled in an appropriate course/University program in order to receive scholarship payments if offered the scholarship.


  • Type

    Work Integrated Learning

  • Company

    nib health funds limited

  • Scholarship Amount


  • Undergrad or Postgrad


  • Length

    12 months

  • Working hours

    Full time

  • Required residency

    Australian citizen or permanent resident

  • Application closing date


  • Expected start date


  • Location

    Newcastle, NSW