Sundata - L1 Network Engineer Intern

South Brisbane, QLD

We seek a Networking Intern with the following required skills:

  • Intermediate knowledge of networking technology, common protocols and standards such as TCP/IP, Ethernet, DNS etc.
  • Intermediate understanding of IP network design and architecture including IP addressing, subnets, subnet masks etc.
  • Intermediate knowledge and understanding of Layer 2 and Layer 3 switching concepts such as VLANs
  • Intermediate knowledge of routers and routing protocols
  • Intermediate understanding of network security including firewalls and endpoint security products
  • Intermediate knowledge of wireless technologies
  • Familiarity with the OSI model
  • Intermediate network troubleshooting and investigative skills
  • Familiarity with Intermediate network troubleshooting and diagnostic tools including ping, tracert, ipconfig, nslookup and others


In addition to the above technology specific skills, the intern must also possess the following personal traits:

  • Be fluent in English and have excellent people and personal communication skills
  • Possess good writing and documentation skills
  • Ability to work both independently and as a team
  • Be an effective problem solver
  • Ability to research solutions to problems using any and all available resources
  • Possess a manual driver’s license
  • Experience with the MS Office suite of applications including Visio


Activities that this intern could undertake include (but is not limited to):

  • Configure, implement and maintain IT infrastructure solutions including switches, routers, firewalls, wireless access points and other supporting infrastructure
  • Assist with reviewing and maintaining network documentation, policies and procedures, standards compliance
  • Assist with reviewing, triaging, prioritising and responding to network monitoring and security alerts
  • Assist with monitoring and maintenance of key systems to maintain the integrity and availability of those systems
  • Work within the Service Desk support team
  • Participating in afterhours and on-call support


This role requires a candidate who is an Australian Citizen.

The salary amount is $32,000 tax free for undergraduates or $36,000 tax free for postgraduates, which will be paid fortnightly over the 12 month period based on full time work hours per week.


  • Type

    Work Integrated Learning

  • Company


  • Scholarship Amount


  • Undergrad or Postgrad


  • Length

    12 months

  • Working hours

    Full time

  • Required residency

    Australian citizen

  • Application closing date


  • Expected start date


  • Location

    South Brisbane, QLD