Hardcat Pty. Ltd - Analyst/Programmer Intern

Melbourne, VIC

Job Description

Hardcat’s new flagship Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) software has generated much interest with some early adopters already onboard. The solution is a fully web based solution that requires connectivity to the hosting infrastructure.

There is a vast array of environments using Hardcat’s software and unfortunately connectivity cannot always be guaranteed. This has a negative impact on prospective customers that cannot guarantee connectivity to all parts of their operations. So currently, organizations must have an alternative process in place to capture the information remotely and then transfer this into the system when a connection becomes available.

Hardcat is seeking to fulfil the need to capture information and perform a discrete set of functions in a disconnected/offline mode. Therefore, we are seeking expertise in the following areas:

  • Enterprise line of business smartphone/mobile development for; Android, iOS and Windows Mobile.
  • Appreciation for COTS software and the generic principles that guide decision making.
  • Interest in the tracking and labelling of items including how commercially available hardware such third party Bluetooth devices, RFID and GPS technologies can be leveraged.
  • A focus on user experience and developing software applications aligned to Hardcat’s usability goals; Informative, Efficient and Responsive/Performant.


As part of this project the following resources will be available:

  • Chief Technology Officer
    • Direct report and development team leader. Sets the strategic direction and makes key decisions based on information presented by the team.
  • Solution Architect
    • Technical assistance and provide guidance for the proposed solution, to align with Hardcat’s development standards and principles.
  • Subject Matter Experts
    • Project Managers and Business Analysts with experience implementing Hardcat’s software, providing the basis for the software’s requirements and to clarify any matters arising during the development stages.


Required Skills/Knowledge 

  • Web application development favourable
  • RESTful web services (design and consume)
  • Experience with mobile application development tools
  • Strong Communication Skills - both written and spoken
  • Able to work through the development stack


Desired Experience/Business Skills

  • Good team ethic
  • Deadline focused
  • Desire to learn


Qualifications - Australian University Degree

  • Software development expertise required.


The applicant must be currently enrolled at an Australian University to be able to receive the scholarship.

The under-graduate scholarship amount is $19,000 and the post-graduate scholarship amount is $21,000 tax-free for 6 months duration.






  • Type

    Work Integrated Learning

  • Company

    Hardcat Pty. Ltd

  • Scholarship Amount


  • Undergrad or Postgrad


  • Length

    6 months

  • Working hours

    Full time

  • Required residency

    Australian citizen

  • Application closing date


  • Expected start date


  • Location

    Melbourne, VIC