NECA - Business Development Systems Intern

Silverwater, NSW

Role Description

The intern would deliver day-to-day hands-on dedicated support to the association’s various online marketing & business development processes, around the website, intranet, e-communications, media distribution & tracking, and social media.  It is a pro-active delivery-based role using the range of market-leading technology-based marketing systems used across NECA.  Thorough training will be provided for all systems. The role will predominately involve work on Moodle and WordPress.


Required Skills/Knowledge

  1. A sound understanding of, and interest in, technology.
  2. A competent user of reasonably intuitive systems (all of our packages and platforms are off-the-shelf systems).
  3. An interest in improving the way we use, and thereby maximise, our systems.
  4. Ability to help other users with less technology experience (particularly in the state chapters).


Desired Experience/Business Skills

  1. A friendly & willing-to-help approach.
  2. A good attention to detail.
  3. An ability to do basic research.
  4. An appreciation of deadlines.
  5. A preparedness to ask for help when needed.



Our preference is for someone with an interest in the technology aspect of business development & marketing in a not-for-profit organisation and must be currently studying a bachelors degree at an Australian University. This is not a creative marketing role. So, someone with an IT, research and/or and business focus.


This role is minimum 3 months commitment, the scholarship amount for 12 months part-time is 16k tax free. Applicant must have atleast 2.5 days availability per week during university semesters and be able to work full-time in the holidays.


  • Type

    Work Integrated Learning

  • Company


  • Scholarship Amount


  • Undergrad or Postgrad


  • Length

    Up to 12 months

  • Working hours

    Full time/Part time

  • Required residency

    All except Student Visa holders

  • Application closing date


  • Expected start date


  • Location

    Silverwater, NSW