Intellify Pty Ltd. - Intern Data Scientist

Sydney, NSW

Job Description

The employee’s duties and responsibilities are as follows:

  • To provide technical consulting services to clients, and/or internal clients as directed
  • To support the business through attendance at events and training activities as directed
  • To maintain their technical skills in line with market developments
  • To act in a professional manner and in the best interest of clients at all times.

Required Skills/Knowledge

  • 1 + year Applied machine learning, optimisation and/or statistics experience, including internships, projects etc
  • Strong Python or R programming experience and related data science libraries (such as scikit-learn, Pandas, Tensorflow/Keras)
  • Have experience or are comfortable extracting data from SQL databases and using code versioning (e.g., Git)
  • Basic software engineering principles
  • Experience with data visualisation tools or frameworks i.e. tableau, D3.js, ggplot2 etc

Desired Experience/Business Skills

  • Knowledge or experience of software engineering practices
  • Knowledge or experience on time series/product forecasting/recommender systems
  • Knowledge of deep learning/neural networks
  • Experience working with web development technologies
  • Experience working with cloud technologies i.e. AWS / Microsoft / Google Cloud


Studying a computer science, robotics, maths, statistics, physics or related university degree (graduated Bachelors, MSc, PhD or last year MSc/PhD student)

This scholarship amounts to $38,000 tax-free for an Undergraduate student and $42,000 tax-free for a Postgraduate student, working 12 months full-time at 38 hours a week.


  • Type

    Work Integrated Learning

  • Company

    Intellify Pty Ltd.

  • Scholarship Amount


  • Undergrad or Postgrad


  • Length

    12 months

  • Working hours

    Full time

  • Required residency

    All except Student Visa holders

  • Application closing date


  • Expected start date


  • Location

    Sydney, NSW