There are two main ACS Foundation Scholarship Programmes
  • Work Integrated Learning (WIL)
  • Grow a Graduate (GROW)
WIL scholarships provide project based real life work experience relevant to the student’s academic studies, and run over varying periods up to 48 weeks. You gain industry relevant skills and experiences that enhance both your future studies and your work choices after graduation.

GROW scholarships are philanthropic grants where donors encourage you to develop the skills they require. Donors of this scholarship type are encouraged to blend in WIL programme elements that assist students to enhance their work choices after graduation.

Most WIL scholarships pay students between $ 25,000 - $ 28,000 for the 48 week work period, or pro-rata for shorter periods. The majority of ACF Foundation scholarships are WIL scholarships because donors see there is more value to the students from this type of scholarship support, and they are looking to put something back into the industry.

The ACS Foundation generally has WIL scholarships available, and encourages students to apply even if they do not see a suitable scholarship listed on the web site.

Please note that the scholarship criterion is set by each donor, and applications are encouraged from international students, some scholarships may require Australian Citizenship or Permanent Residency.

We encourage you to take the next steps and apply.