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Become a participant organisation or group in the 2016 National ICT Careers Week

Interested in encouraging young people into ICT studies and careers?

Join with other organisations and groups across Australia during the 2016 National ICT Careers Week and present an activity or event to promote ICT careers and studies.

Participation in the National ICT Careers Week is easy - just register as a participant organisation or group and start planning an event or activity today!

What is National ICT Careers Week?

Since 2008, the National ICT Careers Week has been conducted across Australia to encourage young people to consider studying ICT after their schooling and to consider a career in ICT.

When is the National ICT Careers Week?

From Saturday 6 August to Saturday 13 August 2016.

The week chosen fits in with career activities by various state and territory governments, and university open days which are run from August.

While the National Career Week is set for the 6 August to Saturday 13 August 2016, events and activities associated with promoting ICT study and careers can be conducted outside this week. Use the Week to advertise or market events that will be held later in the year.

Who organises the National ICT Careers Weeks?

The National ICT Careers Week has been managed by a group of dedicated volunteers from interested business, educational and professional organisations.

What does the National ICT Steering Committee do?

The steering committee’s main functions are to recruit participants; to promulgate the participants’ activities; to run launches and keynote events; to maximise media attention; to manage generic information resources; and to initiative future activities opened by the success of the marketing campaign.

What organisations are active in National ICT Careers Week?

Many federal and state government agencies, TAFEs, universities, women in IT groups, ICT professional and employee bodies, ICT associations and ICT companies participate in National ICT Careers Week.

What events and activities are generally presented during National ICT Careers Week?

Here are some suggestions for possible activities and events that your organisation might consider staging:

  • career and study information sessions for school students, teachers and parents
  • ICT study and career seminars for career counsellors
  • ICT conferences and exhibitions for young people in ICT
  • study and career information - online and offline
  • film and animation and robot demonstrations
  • functions and events in the use of personal computing and smart devices
  • visits to ICT university faculties and TAFE campuses
  • visits by school students to ICT companies
  • supportive media releases by industry and education leaders
  • media releases on new ICT studies and career opportunities
  • and many more.

Some organisations have demonstrated cutting-edge technology in areas ranging from climate change solutions, state-of-the-art security applications, space technologies, medical robotics and artificial intelligence to animation, entertainment and fashion.

Your organisation might already have ICT career activities or events. These can be bought under the National ICT Career Week banner.

You might have events that are to occur later in the year. But these can be advertised during the National ICT Career Week.

You may wish to partner with your local university / TAFE / school, and present a joint education/industry event or demonstration.

Please do not hesitate to be creative and different. It all adds to the richness of ICT study and careers.

The National ICT Career Week steering committee has no role in ‘approving’ your proposed events and programs. We leave that up to your good judgment. But we might be able to help with ideas and so please call us directly.

Is the National ICT Careers Week brand is available?

Participating organisations are encouraged to use the National ICT Careers banner, which are downloadable to organisations and groups that register for the National ICT Careers Week. Three banners in jpg format are available and so choose the one(s) that suit your needs.

The National ICT Careers brand is based on the national National ICT Careers banner that is used by private and public organisations interested in promoting ICT studies and careers.The Victorian Government developed the brand, and given the national interest to promote ICT studies and careers, it has made it available to National ICT Careers Week.

National ICT Careers banners may be used in conjunction with your organisation's logo and branding. 

Click to download the National ICT Careers Week banner.

What National ICT Careers Week brochures and other marketing materials are available?

The steering committee has produced a range of printable materials for use with National ICT Careers Week.

What are the key messages presented during National ICT Careers Week?

Participating organisations are encouraged to use an agreed set of key messages in their general marketing. Participating organisations are encouraged to give positive messages about ICT study and careers and to present the opportunities offered.

Organisations are discouraged to use terms such as ‘skills crisis’ that provide the wrong emphasis to the nature of the Careers Week.

Are there any official events organised by the National ICT Careers Week steering committee?

Other keynote events include announcements of events and activities by State and Territory Government Ministers.

Are testimonials about ICT studies and careers available?

Yes. Key individuals from industry and from the ranks of young people contribute their careers and testimonials to improve the appreciation by young people of the opportunities presented by ICT studies and careers.

What are the steps to be involved in the 2016 National ICT Careers Week? 

Step 1 - register your organisation or group - even if it is just your organisation and contact details. You can provide the details of your activity/event later. This is a simple process.

You will be asked for a username and password. This is to allow you to add or change your entry about your organisation or group’s event at a later time.

Step 2 - obtain National ICT Careers banners by downloading from this web site

Step 3 - update your activities or event. Your information will be listed in the events and activities list. This will also allow participating organisations to be acquainted with what others are doing, journalists will have opportunities to cover particular events, and help people sign up to attend events and activities.

Step 4 - make your arrangements

Step 5 - marketing your activity or event

Step 6 - run your event or activity

Now register your organisation or group to be involved in the 2016 National ICT Careers Week

Thank you for your participation in National ICT Careers Week and being willing to create and undertake activities and advertising to promote and market ICT studies and careers.