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Governance and Policies

The ACS Foundation was established in August 2001 to facilitate sponsorship of technology education and research projects. As an ACNC registered charitable organisation, the ACS Foundation provides tax effective work-placement programs for industry and private donors.  These policies apply to the ACS Foundation and associated programs including the Big Day In.

Data and Privacy Policy

This Data and Privacy Policy standard is to be achieved, or exceeded, by all employees and Office Bearers of the ACS Foundation and for others providing services to or on behalf of the ACS Foundation

Whistleblower Policy

Employees and others working closely with ACS Foundation will often be the best source of information when things are not quite right. This Whistleblower Policy is an important element in detecting corrupt, illegal or other undesirable conduct at ACS Foundation

Supplier Code of Conduct

The ACS Foundation works with suppliers (also known as sponsors or donors) to support the future of the Australian ICT industry while strategically building their work-ready graduate pipeline.

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