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Reviews of the ACS Foundation and associated programs from students, teachers and industry partners.

WA Internship Student

December 2, 2022

I want to say thank you for choosing my resume. I really appreciate the time you took to explain how valuable/capable I am. How fast you respond to my queries that was amazing!

I’m super-duper happy because I got a contract. It’s been a wonderful journey for my career life. I got supportive work colleagues, chill (but diligent) work environment, and the best mentor for work and life supervisor.

If there is no you, there is no interview, there is no internship, and I won’t be able to get this job! Once again, thank you for everything.

WA Internship Student

November 25, 2022

I'm an IT intern and am thoroughly enjoying my experience here.


I wanted to thank you for helping me to get this position. I felt that I had applied to so many jobs on seek and indeed without any success that I had given up trying to get into the IT industry. I started applying at all sorts of stores and landed at a minimum wage kitchen. While they were respectable jobs, they had no relevance to my studies and were somewhat of a dead end for me.


The working environment is more inclusive than I knew was possible and provides me a safe place to learn and be proud of my work. My colleagues are professional and kind and always willing to explain things to me. While the work is sometimes tough or monotonous, it is still fulfilling.


Thank you for giving me the little push. It was like you believed in me even though I had given up, and I am extremely grateful for that.

Company on LinkedIn

November 2022

Connor has joined our growing tech team as a Jr Software enginer after hearing about us at a Big Day In careers event.  Persistence and a great attitude have paid off.  

Peter Davis

Normanhurst Boys High

The Big Day In

The Big Day In gave students from Normanhurst Boys High School relevant and meaningful information about the computing industry, its trends, diversity and enormous range of career opportunities. The students left with insight into the indispensable significance of the computing industry on our society and economy as well as a strong sense that they too can contribute to the creation of our collective futures.


The Big Day In also provided a window into the fast-paced world of ever-changing technology, a world that our students are excited about and ready to embrace. This tremendously valuable experience is highly recommended to all teachers in assisting them to better understand and cater to the digital natives under their guidance.

Desmond Loh

Mercedes College

The Big Day In

BDI is such a worthwhile and fantastic event as there is nothing in this format that is run for students. Hence, I value this event and your tireless efforts in keeping it going.

Steve Iuliano


The Big Day In 2019

Thanks for all your efforts in organising today. I had some great feedback from staff (as well as multitudes of students wanting to know more after sessions) :) I was very impressed with their knowledge.

Roger Hawkins

The Hutchins School, Hobart

The Big Day In

Thank you. A wonderful opportunity for our students and staff from Hutchins and from the participating schools to experience the amazing workshops on offer.

Georgina Siggins


The Big Day In

Thanks again for having me! It was a lot of fun, and it's really exciting to see what high schoolers are thinking about for their careers.

Daniel Bromfield

Moriah College

The Big Day In

Thank you for your support and running of the BiG Day In @ UTS event. My students thoroughly enjoyed the experience and are looking forward to returning again next year.

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