Smallcloud Consulting - Product Development Intern

Sydney, NSW

Role Description

Smallcloud is a niche consultancy that works with clients across Australia & Asia. Our clients are growing startups and corporations delivering challenging products. We help them to scale by improving their product development, find great people and support capability development.

We are looking for an intern to join Smallcloud, help develop our business, work with clients, learn & develop...with the hope that at the end of the term there will be opportunity for you to work directly with one of our impressive clients.

There will be some degree of analysis required in early parts of the engagement, however Smallcloud will commit to providing opportunities to develop trade of choice (engineering or business analysis).

For the right candidate this is an extraordinary opportunity to get exposed to the smartest and best minds in technology.


Required Skills/Knowledge

Some core skills:

  • Analysis - utilising a range of approaches to decompose an idea, requirement or problem.
  • Synthesis & Presentation - bring disparate concepts together, simplify where needed and communicate in context.
  • Interpersonal - work with people, collaborate, listen and empathise.
  • Ability to deal with ambiguity - work with contradicting data and seek resolve in uncertainty.
  • Intellectual horsepower - will exploit personal knowledge and learnings by contributing to and challenge ideas.

Must be passionate about a career in ONE of the following, showing previous personal effort of exploring these careers (e.g. work experience, volunteer work, competitions, related subjects):

  • Engineering, specialisation or combination of the following (with sample languages/frameworks/platforms)
    • Front-end/Full stack (eg React, Vue, Angular, PWA/SPA patterns,... )
    • Back-end (eg Go, Java, Python, Node, RESTful APIs, GraphQL, OAuth/OIDC,...)
    • Devops/CICD (eg AWS/Azure/GCP, Jenkins/CircleCI, k8s, docker, ELK, Terraform/Ansible,...)
  • Business Analyst and/or Scrum Master
    • Project management, agile methodologies (Scrum, Kanban)
    • Process design, customer journey mapping, wireframing
    • User stories, BDD, hypothesis driven development


Desired Experience/Business Skills

Startups are inherently high-pressure environments, and not for the faint hearted. We are looking for people that display grit, passion and hunger.   

This position will also suit someone not too precious with role title and keen to contribute to business outcomes in whichever way they can.



  • Open to a range of studies, with greater interest in demonstration of a love of learning.
  • Value students currently studying in degrees relating to Computer Science/Engineering/Business Information Systems/Commerce
  • Value subjects related to fields such as
    • Coding Languages
    • Solution & DB design
    • Entrepreneurship
    • Project Management
    • Mathematics
    • Design

Both undergraduates and postgraduate students are considered with a preference to penultimate year students.


Candidate must be currently enrolled at an Australian University and is available full-time to be eligible for this role. The scholarship amount is $20,000 tax-free for 6 months full-time.


  • Type

    Work Integrated Learning

  • Company

    Smallcloud Consulting

  • Scholarship Amount


  • Undergrad or Postgrad


  • Length

    6 months

  • Working hours

    Full time

  • Required residency

    Australian citizen or permanent resident

  • Application closing date


  • Expected start date


  • Location

    Sydney, NSW