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Five Australian Women Receive STEM Scholarships

2023 was the first full year of the Women of STEM Scholarship program. The program, run by the ACS Foundation, has seen five emerging STEM leaders receive financial support towards their tertiary studies. Selina Li, Yaxin Wu and Maya Taib were all successful in their applications for a Women of STEM scholarships. These three young women will receive AUD$5,000 per year for the length of their degree program, along with other career and mentoring support.

Selina Li receives her Presentation Certificate

The application process considered their achievements and potential as inspirational STEM ambassadors for Australia.

The 2023 Women of STEM Program also sponsored two regional awards through Charles Sturt University. Taryn Ortinger and Airene Villamin each received a financial award based on their outstanding course work in their STEM degrees.

Yaxin Wu presents some of her research

The Women of STEM Program is designed to inspire and build strong pathways for Australian women to develop leadership careers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics fields. The scholarships are sponsored by the generous donations of organisations and individuals who share a passion for Australia's STEM future.


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