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2nd Women of STEM Scholarship Awarded

Yaxin Wu
Yaxin Wu

Last month, the ACS was pleased to award its 2nd Women of STEM Scholarship of 2023. Yaxin (Jasmin) Wu was announced as the winner at the Western Sydney Big Day In on May 18th. Yaxin will receive a financial scholarship of $5,000 per year for the length of her degree.

Jasmin will be studying a Double Degree in Computer Science and Mathematics at UNSW. She chose to study Computer Science in the hopes of using theory in real world situations.

  • Jasmin has worked as a tutor helping others gain confidence and stimulate interests in mathematics.

  • She is a self-employed software designer and has created a range of applications including a hangman game, a radio request bot and a ATAR estimator which has been used by 150+ year 12 students.

  • Jasmin also created a random recipe generator that assists university students in meal preparation.

  • She was nominated for the first year CS project prize at Adelaide University for programming.

Jasmin engages with her fellow students
Jasmin engages with her fellow students

Read more about Yaxin's background and aspirations for a career in STEM.


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