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Curriculum Vitae

Resume Tips

Together, your cover letter and resume should introduce yourself and help the recruiter to quickly see that you are a good fit for the role for which you are applying. Before you begin to compose your resume, consider these three broad aspects:

  • How do you want your resume to stand out? Prospective employers are often looking evidence that you’re passionate about your area of study, and you’ve gone above and beyond to apply your knowledge. Workshops and projects are the best way to prove this. 

  • Traditional or Flamboyant design? While a black and white text-filled resume will not necessarily cause recruiters to discard your resume, having a tasteful and consistently colourful design may leave a more lasting impression. You can use sites like or to develop an appealing layout. LinkedIn also has a resume builder which constructs a resume based on content from your LinkedIn profile. 

  • How to balance detail in an appropriate length? Make sure your resume avoids being overly lengthy. The best way to be concise but detailed is by using dot points and only talking about relevant experiences and skills. We recommend a resume of between 1-2 pages. 

Your resume, also known as CV (Curricula Vitae) should address five essential categories: 

  • Your Personal Details

  • A Summary of Your Career Objective 

  • Your Education

  • Relevant Work Experience 

  • Skills that you have obtained (especially for technical roles) 




Address: <Address> 

Date of Birth: <dob> 

Email: <email> 

Phone Number: <phone> 



<One or two sentences about who you are, and your career goals/objectives> 


For each qualification: 

<Qualification Gained & Year Started/Finished> 


  • <Major> 

  • <Mark / Average> 

  • <Relevant Courses relating to applied job> 


For each work experience (can include volunteering/less relevant experiences in a separate section): 

<Position Title & Duration (Month/Year Started and Finished)> 

<Organisation/Company & City> 

  • <Summary of work activities, skills applied and major achievements in dot points> 


List a few skills, especially for technical roles: 

  • <Skill: how you obtained it, and how you have apply it> 

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