Before you send your application in be sure to check you have everything included all of these requirements listed below:
  • Cover Letter - Contains a brief description of why you are applying for the scholarship and what you hope to achieve from undertaking it.  It must contain a list of your skills and how they match the skills asked for in the scholarship.
    Note: If you wish to apply for more than one scholarship you need to supply a Cover Letter for each scholarship application.
  • Resume - Should cover all your skills, experiences, interests and referees 
  • Academic transcript/s - A copy of all of your academic transcript or a list of your subjects and grades 
  • Application form - A completed scholarship form with all your details and your signature and date.
  • Proof of Residential status - Can be an Australian/New Zealand birth certificate or Australian/New Zealand passport or citizenship certificate or visa.
For a valid application an applicant must submit ALL 4 documents (Cover Letter, appropriate WIL Application form, Resume and Transcript of all Academic results) for their application to progress through processing.  Applications that do not contain all of these documents cannot be forwarded to donors because they are incomplete.

In the case of more one scholarship you need to supply separate Cover Letters for each scholarship and only one set of the other three documents.

In the situation where you do not find a scholarship that matches your requirements, you should submit a "generic" cover letter, with the other three documents, and indicate in your email what you would ideally be looking for.

If you do not provide all 4 documents with your application it may result in a delay in processing your application.