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The Fifth Women of STEM Scholarship Has Been Awarded

Emelia Naumov
Emelia Naumov

The ACS Foundation is thrilled to present Emelia Naumov as the fifth recipient of the esteemed Women of STEM Scholarship, marking her achievement. The Women of STEM scholarship is dedicated to recognizing and aiding exceptional female students in their pursuit of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) studies.

The scholarship is awarded to a recipient who has demonstrated academic excellence, leadership capabilities, and a dedication to progressing within their chosen STEM discipline. This effort not only empowers women in sectors traditionally dominated by men but also promotes diversity and innovation within STEM fields.

The ACS Foundation is committed to nurturing the future cadre of women leaders in STEM and eagerly anticipates the contributions they will make to their disciplines.

Read more about Emelia Naumov background and her journey to study STEM at university.


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