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Women of STEM - First Scholarship Recipient Announced

Updated: Jul 10

This month, the ACS Foundation was delighted to award its first Women of STEM Scholarship.

Selina Li at the 2023 Big Day In
Selina Li at the 2023 Big Day In

Selina Li was recognised for her outstanding desire to pursue degrees in both Engineering and Computer Science. Selina is enrolled to study a Bachelor of Engineering (honours) / Science (computer science) at UNSW. During the HSC, Selina volunteered to help other students with their STEM related homework and assignments. In order to accommodate her busy schedule, Selina used her lunch breaks, to continue with her piano lessons.

When asked how the Women of STEM scholarship will help her, Selina said:

"The scholarship would be integral to my academic pursuits and passion, assisting in alleviating financial burdens, encouraging internship opportunities, community involvement and the impacts I instigate in the present and future. With the opportunity to become part of the ACS Foundation to network and meet like-minded people, the support of the scholarship will also extend beyond my education to the industry and my future career."

You can read the Selina's full interview on her profile page. Selina received her certificate at an awards ceremony at the 2023 Big Day In at UTS.

Launched last year, the Women of STEM Scholarship program is designed to inspire grow and promote the number of women who chose to enter the science, technology, engineering and mathematics career fields. The financial scholarship is worth $5,000 per year for the life of the degree.

Further Women of STEM Scholarship Recipients will be announced in May and June this year. Later in 2023, the program will launch a second round of applications for 2024 scholarships.

Since 2001, the ACS Foundation has awarded over 8,000 scholarships to students across Australia. The ACS Foundation administered a variety of scholarships to targeted initiatives that are crucial to Australia's technology sector.


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