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Big Day In - Sunshine Coast

Updated: Apr 10

The first Big Day In event for 2023 was held on the Sunshine Coast on Thursday 2.03.2023. We are excited for this year's season of technology career events. The feedback we have received is delightful.

"I just wanted to say that last Thursday was a wonderful experience and opportunity for our kids. I spoke with each and they were really stoked that they got to learn more about people’s experiences – their career stories and the ability to interact with businesses in the display area was a highlight. Each student connected with the key messages from the speakers. Kerrie, thanks for the support and Cynthia did an amazing job during the day.

The kids want to come back again next year and I think some word of mouth from our students promote more interest. Really grateful for this opportunity through the gateway program. I will be smarter in my organisation of the event next year."

- Jo McGrath - Bundaberg State High School

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