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QLD Innovators in Technology Lunch

Updated: Apr 10

Greg Booker presents at the Innovators Luncheon

On July 25th 2023, Greg Booker presented at the 2023 ACS Foundation Innovator's Lunch. Held at the ACS / River City Labs, 34 digital thought leaders considered our rapidly changing industry and participated in a lively Q&A roundtable discussion.

The roundtable discussion topic was "Why aren't more young people attracted to I.T. careers?" Participants identified many reasons including:

  • Social influencers not recommending I.T.

  • Not selling the benefits of an I.T career (Work from Anywhere)

  • Narrow view of an I.T career (S/W Developer)

  • Lasting effect of Outsourcing off shore (particularly to India).

  • Mass layoffs in recent times by U.S. multinationals.

  • Different perspectives: 'User' compared to 'Practitioner'.


However, it is hard to control the above reasons. Therefore, working with what we can influence, the following actions were proposed.

  1. We should seek to get more Australian tech leaders - especially women in technology - to promote the ACS Foundation and its programs.

  2. "Women in Technology" is a hard sell. Young women even fear 'ICT' as a career. Is it best to have a new term?

  3. The term 'STEM' can turn-off Kids and parents. Should an alternative be used?

  4. Parents are often a roadblock to get kids into STEM. Need to educate parents.

  5. Kids want to hear success stories about where tech careers can take them. We need more avenues for people to tell their stories.

About the Host: Greg Booker


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